I Make It Look Easy


I'm Worth It

Ask Me Anything Baby

Anonymous said: Can I have a updated pic or pics

I’ll upload them to my tumblr first

Anonymous said: only at home never a client

Only at home

Anonymous said: Will u come to Byram

Yes I will

Anonymous said: do like fucking in the shower

At home yeah

Anonymous said: Your 1st and 2nd pics look like 2 different ppl. I just tried to call u .

Those same pictures are on this site with the same face on both..its just the lighting

Anonymous said: Why your pics look different


Anonymous said: How much for naked head

I don’t do that baby

Anonymous said: Ey say I wanna make a video or get a pic of u is that allowed will it be extra

Can’t do that baby

Anonymous said: I called you this morning I was phennin for that good good


Can someone find this original picture for me

Can someone find this original picture for me

Anonymous said: Do you do anal?

No baby

Anonymous said: can i taste you

Nooooo babe

Anonymous said: Ive stroked myself so much looking at your pictures, i feel like i owe you money, bam boo you fine, smooth brown skin, an amazing azz, & a beautiful face, oops, i owe u again.


Anonymous said: Do u like get your pussy ate out

No baby

Anonymous said: north or south jackson?

Heading North