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Anonymous asked: You need to call me

really??  and you are?



Yes I’m Real

Yes I’m Real

Anonymous asked: DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! 1 day u will b mines

LoL…is that right?

Anonymous asked: ur video wont play on my fone wats wrong with it

I don’t know baby what kind of phone do you have? It wont play on some phones.

Anonymous asked: Whts Kim tumblr name


Anonymous asked: Do women expect men to be a sex genius in bed. For example would it be tedious for you to have to teach your lover what to do . would you think of him as weak b/c he wasn't good at fucking


Sometimes us women run across a guy with some dick so good they ebd up trying to compare every other man to that guy.

I don’t have a problem with teaching my man what I like.

Anonymous asked: Do you ever come to mccomb? I'm getting married in a month and I would love to have some of you before I get married.

I can make arrangements to come

Anonymous asked: Do all girls wit good pussy not answer there phone or is that just u???


I be at home with my babies. When I do post be on the lookout

Anonymous asked: you are hard to get with I called several times kept getting a busy single

Text me

Anonymous asked: Do you know where Delicious went? I follow both of you but it looks like she dropped out. I hope she's OK. You girls stay safe.

Kim said she saw her on the page yesterday. Thanks for checking on us. I promise we appreciate it so much. She’s around but I think she’s just laying low.

Anonymous asked: Have ever had DAT PUSSY ate upside down

Yes I have

Anonymous asked: iam ready to fuck that pussy but I don't have a contact number


Anonymous asked: R u back n da jack? Cuz I need a freak nasty big booty porn * type chick


Yes Im here

Anonymous asked: How many guys did u have in that gangbang, and did u like it?


It was okay..nothing to get excited about. Just a lot of dick swinging everywhere.