I Make It Look Easy


I'm Worth It

Ask Me Anything Baby

Anonymous said: U ever pissed on a guys face?

Yes I have

Anonymous said: What's the biggest dick u had sweetie

11 inches of hard black dick

Anonymous said: I want to pay you so you can teach me how to be a better man in bed. So should o pay for two hours would that be enough time to turn me into a sex god

1 hour is good..fuckn with me you will be a Sex God

Anonymous said: i hate a quiet person when we fucking how bout u

I don’t like to talk I just like to fuck and moan I’m more concerned with making you cum.

Anonymous said: how dat pussy after u had it out all night

I wash my pussy every time I get through fuckn.

Its AmazingšŸ˜Š

Anonymous said: me and u an hot oil deep tissue massage spa treatment the works u down

Man that sounds great!

2pmack said: What would it take for u get out of the game for good

At Least 50,000 in a savings account..I’m working on it.

Anonymous said: How do I find you


Anonymous said: I'm looking to set something up for my b day and I'm looking to meet you before also. Can we set something up?

When is your birthday love?

eynawal said: Damn baby u enjoyed our time together!!

I had fun let’s do it again

Anonymous said: How many times have you replayed this morning in your head? Btw I'm going to call you Ms super soaker from now on.


kap10169 said: R their other sites besides Backpage if so wht cause backpage is becoming a real joke..

There are plenty..

It really really is..LoL

A fuckn joke

Anonymous said: How long are u in Baton Rouge for? Called u to take a stroll down good pussy avenue but u didn't answer

LoL Im heading out now

joekerr79 said: If a client's dick smells clean and looks free of STD's would you suck it raw?


jamejonesworld said: Can we get together

Yes we can