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I'm Worth It

Ask Me Anything Baby

Anonymous said: Birthday coming up and I want you wat I gotta donate and if possible can I get the gfe

I don’t do GFE

Anonymous said: All these different dudes you're laying with. You better be careful yourself sweets. Condoms do break, & HIV/AIDS is small enough to go through the little holes in a rubber. IJS

You got that shit right and I’m trying to be as careful as possible

Anonymous said: What's the wildest thing you've ever done sexually?

LoL probably having sex on the catwalk on mill st

Anonymous said: Does that pussy let you all the way in? You sexy as hell but from my experience with girls with ass they really can't take no dick... Btw I'm almost ten inches...

Its built Ford Tough baby..LoL

10inches is a lot though lol

Excuse Me

Stop Using My Name To Get In With Kim.

A Guy Tried To Take His Condom Off While He Was Fucking Kim

He Told Her I Let Him Do It All The Time.

I Can Count On My Hand How Many Times We’ve Fucked.

That’s Not Gonna Get You Nowhere
Except Having Some Shit You Can’t Get Rid Of. It’s Guys Telling Her They Know Me Just To Get In And Don’t Even Know What The Fuck I Look Like.

Stop That Before You Hit A Bitch With AIDS

Anonymous said: new to the game but I'm addicted to those beautiful sexy pictures of you , from Jackson so which is best a out or in call to kept things on the low ?

Incalls are best

Anonymous said: Sup do u lik 3some

I’ve done them before

Anonymous said: Are u n jackson


Anonymous said: When do you be in the meridian area??

Not often luv

Anonymous said: Wen will you be doing outcall sexy

No time soon sweetie

Anonymous said: How early is working

Im up baby

Anonymous said: How far will you travel???

Where are you?

Anonymous said: How much for a quick stop out call?

I’m only doing incalls tonight luv

Anonymous said: No question here, just a complement or two. I finally had a chance to hook up with Kim. She's straight & a very cool girl. Patient, kind, beautiful, & non rush. Fellas check her out, but you blackie, we needs to be seeing each other soon. I got something special for us to try, & I think you'll like it. Your Trucker...

This is a review on my boo Kim

Anonymous said: I. Wanna book u for my bday baby. I text a couple times but no response

Text me and let me know you texted me here first..I have strangers text me everyday so its nothing personal I just don’t answer my phone when I’m not working.